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Product Design:
Anna Warner Lamp Company

The work for this company was undertaken while working at Creelman International, a consulting design firm in Weston, Ontario.

The Anna Warner Lamp Company made a wide variety of lamps for the interior design industry, but was experiencing financial difficulties. The existing product line was reviewed and analyzed, and a new lower-cost, higher-volume line proposed.

An ongoing problem in this industry was that the technology for creating the lamps allowed competitors to easily copy an existing design, though the copy would be smaller and difer slightly from the original. So a process was found which would produce exact copies only. A fibre-reinforced plaster was slip molded in a rubber mold and then peeled off, creating radial fins. The broken outer surface on the fins allowed for small imperfections to be considered part of the design.

A manufacturer was found, six differently-proportioned (but related) bases were designed, and lamp shades, fittings, colour schemes and required tags were chosen.

The final result was that the new line of lamps were successfully marketed and rather than going out of business, the company was ultimately sold.

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