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Toccata and Fugue part III

Another great trip to Agropoli : April 2008, as a result of various family problems preventing a sooner return. We chose a classical spin, and focused on Pompei (second visit and we've now seen about half of the area); Ercolano (Herculaneum) - the guide books lie, in that 2 hours, as they suggest for viewing the plasce, is impossible. We have spent 2 four hour mornings there, and have visited it all, but still feel the need to go back; Oplontis, Villa of Poppea, with stunning frescoes, that make even the Villa of the Mysteries at Pompei pale in comparison. More drives along the Cilento coastal roads, thoroughly enjoying the unspoilt countryside, and we didn't even find time to visit the Amalfi coast.

We were there during the Mozzarella di Bufala infection scare, as well as the ongoing garbage collection problems. These affected us not one bit. Interestingly, the garbage was quite unsightly last year, but I failed to mention it, as it did not impinge on our enjoyment of the trip at that time. Considerable clearing up has been done in the year between our visits, and areas that were messy are now clean. Certainly not a reason to be reluctant to visit. Mozzarella? Plenty of other wonderful food.

Thank you as always, to Raffaele, who is a great host, and provides a wonderful home from home. We plan to return, as we still feel we have only scratched the surface of this beautiful area, and we know where we are always welcome.

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