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Easter weekend, April 2015

april 5th 201


The days, the weeks, the months - they just race by. And of course by now the whole of the planet that is going to change time, either forward or backward for the Spring or Fall has done so - We here have 'lost ' another hour as we 'sprang' forward.


Sarah has been doing some photo traveling

- initially to Slovenia to capture some of it in its winter coat. Here she is in hers.

image taken by Luka Esenko Photography


Her images of that adventure can be seen on her web site at sarahsladephotography.com and as I type this she is in Sicily with another group and Jeremy Woodhouse


This is what is looked like at the beginning of February here in MCdV - it only stayed for that day bt was a reminder of what could have been - there was snow on the more distant higher hills.


We had a nice visit from our daughter Rebecca and her partner Ryan - they have moved back to Glasgow from Dundee where they were located while she worked on her PhD is Psychology - The course work is now done, the thesis handed in for review and now needs some revisions before we need to refer to her as "Dr Slade" - I think the cartoon below 'borrowed from the site noted' sums up her studies... Note it was a Valentines Cartoon


And our grandson grows by the day - he was two in February! Every time we see him via the Internet his vocabulary grows - very proud grandparents, of him and daughter in law and son.

Family Reading Time - taken by a friend and posted on FaceBook


We have had a couple of things happen here in MCdV. As most of you are aware we have a lovely old doberman - Tarot - who get walked regularly - 4 to 5 times a day. Last walk of the day and we crossed the torch lit piazza on our way to the village walls - they like torches when there is a special event on in the teatro. Around the corner by the well and what do we come face to face with?

Yes a camel! It is too late for Christmas (and 3 wise men here would be a stretch) and it is the wrong animal for Easter! Tarot was a bit puzzled, but only the smallest, single, 'wuf' from her and the camel was not perturbed by her - just kept lying there munching... Turns out that some exec of Camel Cigarettes was in the teatro for a meeting and brought his mascot with him!


Much more usual was the collection old cars that showed up recently. Was a nice sunny day and a good excuse for photography.

So life continues apace in our small Umbrian hilltop town - seldom a dull moment. The Relais Castello has reopened again, hopefully on a more permanent basis and joins the GenteVibia B&B as a place to stay.


And the International Center of the Arts is getting busy for its end of May start to this summers session. If you want to spoil yourself and enjoy some 'art' in the Umbrian countryside - give it a consideration!


All for now - hope you have had a happy holiday weekend - R


For those of you interested in design - I will add some content to my 'design thoughts' page as well as posting this.





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